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I Live to Protect the Rights of Clients Going Through Divorce in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area

About Kimberly Pinkerton

Kimberly Pinkerton is dedicated to providing our clients with a strong defense and  unmatched service. Since earning her Juris Doctor from University of Tulsa Law School, Ms. Pinkerton has become one of the most valued attorneys in the Dallas-Fort Worth area due to her dynamic approach and over two decades of experience. 

The Pinkerton Law Firm has become known for its aggressive representation and high level of customer service to clients in Dallas County and surrounding areas, including Tarrant and Ellis County. When it comes to finding a divorce lawyer in Dallas that has the knowledge and tenacity you’re looking for, look no further than Pinkerton Law Firm.

I will defend you.

At Pinkerton Law Firm, we are all about serving you. Divorce can be painful and heartbreaking. Child custody battles are traumatic and emotionally draining. When your family is involved, the thought of having your life flipped upside down is agonizing. The last thing you need is confusion in a difficult legal process. You need peace of mind from a lawyer who understands your pain and will get you the best results for you and your family. Healing begins with Pinkerton Law Firm.

Pinkerton Law Firm will always represent your family's best interests. But you are more than just a case, and we also want to ease the stress you feel when you are going through a tough situation. Having a well-respected lawyer defending your family can help lighten the load through this awful time.

You can rely on us.

Experience matters at Pinkerton Law Firm, and we know how to handle your case in a knowledgeable and professional manner. Whether it's a divorce, child support or custody battle, or other family law matters, you deserve a lawyer who will thoroughly listen to the details of your individual situation and put your family first. We make sure our clients are informed about their decisions and possibilities, and we treat every client with the respect they deserve. 

When you need a family law attorney with compassion and expertise, call Kimberly Pinkerton and find out your options. Get the closure and peace you need. Call now to set up a consultation and see how expertise and empathy make all the difference!
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